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Poetry, like art, has degenerated into a lamentable state of labyrinthine subjectivity, whereby individual proclivities and partisanship cross borders of commonsense and normalcy, and where one finds it difficult to demarcate between poetry and prose. The unwary observer subsequently finds himself or herself bombarded by “masterpieces” that are enabled, in the main, by the acculturated vocabulary of so-called experts or critics, which woefully, creates misrepresentations of the truthful and the aesthetic in the mind of the credulous observer. As a result, art is befuddling and unsightly, and poetry is dissonant and indeterminate.   CHKP

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Poetry Anthologies

As a young poet venturing upon American soil some 34 years ago, I was enthralled by the novelty of seeing my poems in print, and consequently, submitted my work to a few publishers of so-called poetry anthologies. While such exposure of one's work is more or less far removed from the level of accomplishment and satisfaction relative to the publication of a full poetry collection, I derived much pleasure from the "success" of my initial undertaking to have my work published. The publication "Best Poets of 2019" is a recent addition.

Full-Length Poetry Book

The title of my first, and so far, only full length book of poetry, is WINDOWS OF MY MIND - Sixty Poetic Expressions. The collection covers decades of my work as a poet. The subjects of the poems are varied as are the styles in which they are written. Some of the poems date back to my years in Guyana (formerly British Guiana) and revisit a number of unforgettable experiences in my Caribbean homeland.

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